Just Hold On

Like the wind
And the weather
I'm trying to get better
But my mind's got ahold of me

It pulls and shoves
From rain to sun
From hate to love
From stay to run
And I'm just along for the ride

When I try to explore this
The tighter I want to hold this
The more I try to control this
The darker and deeper I go

How do I come back from this
I've fallen so off track from this
I keep drifting further every day

The hardest war I'll ever wage
Is right behind my eyes
The hardest part 
Is where to start
To pull the truth out from the lies

So many voices
Sound just like mine
They give me choices
And I must find
The one that's truly me

But it's so loud
I'm in the middle of a crowd
Screaming and pushing
I get lost in the sound
I ask God to help me
But am I truly ready?

Maybe I just want to drown.

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