The longer the hunger, the larger the feast.

They say it never rains here
Well today it did
For hours and hours
Like the sky had been so backed up
It let everything go at once
Sidewalks flooded
Cars piled up
And I couldn't help but think of you

You see this is what happens
When everything is untouched
When stones are left unturned
And the carpet is packed
With filth underneath
Pain is patient

She can wait a long time
But she always gets her due
She is decieving
Because when things are quiet
When left unresolved
And you're starting to think
That you've gotten away unscathed
It would be your last guess
That there is a silent black mold
Crawling over all of your insides

It spreads to the closest to you
The ones most involved
And like a bad tooth
It starts to rot you 
From the inside out
You start to stink of it
This diseased way of thinking
The longer you avoid treatment
The sicker you become
The more hopeless your prognosis

Pain is patient
She waits
The longer the hunger
The larger the feast
The only way to do it
Is to let her in 
A bit at a time

But we live in a world
Where you're sick if you're sad
Mental illness run rampant
Over prescribed and misunderstood
Feel this? 
Take that
Why can't we just understand
That pain is a gift
If felt right away
The crab would never grow
Had his shell never felt tight
But we run
And live in a world of decay

Years of drought
Until the skies open up
And drown us all
With ten years worth of water
In one days time
How much easier would it be
If we just let it rain
Now and again


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