Your eyes taste just like the waves that I dive into. 
Cold at first, but my body adjusts
And quickly
You start to feel warm 
I can spread out my arms and legs
Fingers and toes
And lay there weightless. 
Floating while the great force of you flows underneath me 
And we move as one. 

Your ears feel like the skin of a peach
When I press my lips up to them. 
That's what I always think of
But I couldn't steal my own name
So I kept that secret to myself. 
Sometimes I feel guilty
For talking so much. 
But your ears are always open for me
And they're the only ones my tongue wants to move for. 

Your hands sound like base drums. 
Huge and soft
Yet so strong I feel the vibration
Low and powerful
All the way to the tips of my fingers and toes
Every time you touch me. 
My ears like them best. 
The palm of your hand on the edge of my cheek
Fingers tangled in my hair
With my ears caught in the middle
Lost in another world
Drowned out so all I can hear is the sound of you. 

Your lips look like petals
Of a flower that has yet to be named. 
I'm not the first to have found them
But I'm the last that will claim them as mine. 
They're softest when they're wrapped around my own. 
Nothing in the world can pull me out of myself
And into someone else
Quite like you can.
Like a puzzle
Every piece is an art of its own 
Dissecting them makes you appreciate the picture 
Then when you put them all together
And the whole becomes equal to the sum of the parts 
You get to really see
My definition of perfection.

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