When the smell of sweet grass hits my head
Or the guitar hits in such a way
My blood runs warm with memories
And I question why I ran away

But when I hear the sound of that engine roar
By my window every night
I think of all that could have been
And I know that I chose right

Because this road I'm on will turn to sand
I've yet to find a sturdy street
So I ride the wave of the coming wind
Learn to trust my wings and not my feet

I always I wonder if you hear me
I wonder if you're there
I'm still breathing
Feels like teething
Through softest flesh the edges tear

And I wonder if your hand
Is the one that's pulled me back
From every single instance
Where there was nothing left but black

I wonder if you picked me up
And dropped me down right here
Where there's nothing tying me to self
Yet self is what I fear

But if I follow that logic
I'm already gone
So what's inside of me?
Let's pick me apart
One piece at a time
I guess we'll wait and see

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